Oct 2017

A ROMBA Love Story: How We Met…

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Melissa’s Version
We actually met at a gay MBA conference in New York City in 2006.
We were both dating other people at the time, but became good friends when Christy moved to SF in 2007.  Christy claims that she moved to SF for a job, but we all know that she moved to be closer to me.
Christy’s Version
The first conversation I remember with Melissa was on a roof at a bar in Brooklyn, after a very squished car ride (8 people in a 5 person car) from Manhattan.  She was complaining about the smell of cigarette smoke (nothing has changed), and talked me into going back into the bar.  Melissa was also wearing a fleece, and maybe Birkenstocks (Melissa denies this footwear choice), so I aptly referred to her as Berkeley girl for the next year.  Two years after this first conversation, Melissa and I were spending quite a bit of time together.  This escalatedto some memorable pizza, movie, and dancing dates and many phone/texting conversations.  Then after 3 months,  in typical lesbian fashion, Melissa moved in.
About 9 years after we first met at the NY ROMBA, Christy and I got married in San Francisco.  Between the two of us, we’ve attended every ROMBA since we first met!  Melissa also organized the 2007 conference in SF, and Christy recently joined the ROMBA board.  While we are not promising that you will meet your future wife or husband at ROMBA, what we can guarantee is that you will meet some amazing people that will include lifelong friends and colleagues.  We’ve been so involved with ROMBA over the years because we really believe in its mission of connecting LGBT business leaders.

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