Feb 2018

Black History Month

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At the start of Black History Month, we would like to acknowledge the importance and value of our Black LGBTQ MBA students, alumni, and business leaders. These members of our community face many intersections of identity, which come not only with challenges, but with great successes. Thank you for your leadership and visibility all year round.

The history of Black leaders is one of trailblazers who have pushed forward and navigated the ever-shifting pendulum of adversity and prosperity.  A great leader empowers others to lead, and through following their work may we all find an opportunity to rise up and make a difference in our community. We encourage you to read not only about the leaders of the past, but the leaders of today, beginning with the list below.


Patricia Lewis: Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Lockheed Martin


Paula Boggs:  Founder of Boggs Media, LLC


Tiq Milan: Speaker, Writer, Human Rights Advocate


Nadine Smith: Founder and CEO of Equality Florida


Tarell Alvin McCraney, Playwright


Rachel Robasciotti: Principal and Wealth Manager of Robasciotti & Philipson


Keith Boykin: CNN Political Commentator




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