Sep 2015

Find Your Industry at #ROMBA2015

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By: Phillip Hue & Michael Collins

One of the most common (and best) reasons for getting an MBA is to make changes.  Change your industry, change your role, change your company or just change your career trajectory.  While some students have a specific new career in mind, many others take advantage of this period to explore, and ROMBA is one of the best places to start your exploration.

In industries alone, the representation of ROMBA is expansive, and our industry content is crafted to provide multiple perspectives, from recruiter to leader, employee to industry expert.

Industries represented in panel and workshop sessions include:

-        Banking & Venture Capitol

-        Big Box Retail

-        Consulting

-        Ecommerce

-        Energy

-        Fashion

-        Food & Wine

-        Government

-        Healthcare

-        Home Goods

-        Insurance & Financial Services

-        Manufacturing

-        Nonprofit

-        Pharmaceutical

-        Sports & Entertainment

-        Technology

-        Travel & Hospitality

-        Video Gaming

-        And more!

Industry-specific sessions are meant to give you an idea of two things: 1) What’s happening or interesting in the industry today, a look into the major trends you could help build, and 2) What it would be like for you to work in that industry in your desired role or capacity.

Here is just a sampling of industry-focused content at the conference.  Be sure to look through the schedule and list of companies recruiting at ROMBA to find much more!

THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY: The technology industry has grown and evolved at an unprecedented pace over the last 10 years.  Three sessions have been developed to give you a look into three of the biggest trends in tech, which are consequently three major areas seeking MBA talent in the industry.  How Business Uses the Cloud explores why cloud services are considered the 3rd wave of technology disruption, after the PC and the Internet.  Technology & Experiential Innovation explores the development of the so-called Internet of Everything, the complete automation of our daily lives.  Finally, Big Data – A Universal Tool explores how advancing data capabilities have revolutionized just about every industry.

TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY: Working in Travel & Leisure will explore trends and opportunities in airlines, hoteliers, online travel agencies and more.  Furthermore, you will find travel companies participating elsewhere around the conference, in sessions about technology and internal corporate strategy.

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