Nov 2015

LGBT MBA Club Focus: LBS’ EurOUT

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Paul Reed (CEO BP Supply and Trading)

Guest Blog by Nicholas Deakin (London Business School, Class of  2017)

13-15 November, marked the 5th anniversary of EurOUT, the Europe’s largest LGBT conference hosted by Out in Business Club, the LGBT club at London Business School. The conference, directed towards graduate students, MBAs, PhDs and alumni from top business schools, welcomed more than 250 participants and included speakers from global powerhouses such as BCG, Bain, Goldman Sachs and Travelex, amongst many others.

Attendees had the chance to not only expand their professional and personal network, but also to hear from and interact directly with the 30 companies taking part in the LGBT  Career Fair. Representatives were present from companies as diverse as McKinsey, Uber, Facebook, Thermo Fisher, UBS and Google.

Jessica Stern (ED, Outright Action International – formerly the Int’l Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission)

The event really did display all that is great about the diverse LBS community. The conference was also incredibly topical. Whilst in the UK we enjoy firms actively seeking candidates who reflect the clients they serve, Jessica Stern from Outright Action International reminded us about the terrible discrimination that LGBT people still face around the world. Paul Reed, a Chief Executive at BP, took us on the very personal journey of his four stages of coming out – and how he now sees it as his mission to support LGBT people ‘coming out’ in the workplace. Closer to home, the Dean shared the brilliant news that LBS is the first European school to offer a Reaching Out Fellowship, a bursary to support those who help the LGBT community. This puts LBS firmly on the map when competing for top LGBT talent.

With the conference finally passing its half-decade mark, EurOUT is going to be back next year – bigger and better than ever – in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Out in Business Club.

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