Dec 2014

LGBTQ MBA Video Profile: Rachel Hurnyak of NYU Stern

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Our video interviews with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender MBA leaders from on-campus Clubs are back!  Want to know what activities clubs do or advice that current business graduate students have for LGBTQ MBA applicants?  How about scholarship opportunities for LGBT MBAs and business graduates? These videos are a great sources for you. Keep checking back through the rest of the year for more videos.

In this video Rachel talks about NYU Stern OutClass’s activities, including its marquee end of the year party.  She also notes that “if you are applying to NYU Stern, I fully recommend that you be as out on your application as you are willing to be.  I think as a community, we need to stop looking at [being out] as a weakness and start seeing it as a strength.”

NYU Stern School of Business is participating in the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship program – which provides a minimum $10,000 scholarship to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or active ally (LGBTQA) business school applicant as well as  leadership opportunities and access to Reaching Out programming.


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