Nov 2016

Meet the LGBT MBA Fellows: Britta Volz

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The Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship is a scholarship and leadership development program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and active ally MBAs in full-time programs.  Each Fellows receives at least $10,000 funding per academic year (or $20,000 total for his/her/their two years) in addition free lifetime access to all Reaching Out programming (including the ROMBA Conference), LGBT mentors, and a leadership summit exclusively for the Fellows.  

This fall Reaching Out welcomed the second class of the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellows.  These 44 fellows come from 30 top business schools and over the next month we’ll introduce each of them to you.

35 MBA programs will be part of the Fellowship for the 2016-2017 application cycle.  To learn about the Fellowship and let schools know of your interest here

MEET BRITTA VOLZ (University of Michigan, Ross School of Management)

Britta’s biggest professional passion is in seeking to create psychological safety on teams through investing in one-on-ones with team members, promoting openness to feedback, and working to empower all team members to do their best work. Britta grew up in Washington, D.C. and has lived all over the United States through her service in several AmeriCorps programs and non-profit leadership positions. Most recently, she was helping run the operations of a small and rapidly growing SeriousFun camp in Colorado for children with serious illnesses. Personally, she also has an interest in finance and investment management, and hopes to merge this interest with her years of experience in team leadership as she continues to build her career. To further her knowledge in this area, she manages some of her own investments, and is enrolled in the Ross MBA Fast Track in Finance program. She is also an Associate on Michigan’s Social Venture Fund, which seeks to invest in early stage socially-minded companies. She is excited to translate her passion for team support, financial management, and socially-minded problem-solving to the Corporate world.

Who are some leaders (in business, in the LGBT community, in society) that most inspire you?
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi – people who have made big changes while recognizing the humanity of all people, of those who are oppressed and of the oppressors. I think recognizing the humanity in others – especially in those who are very different from you and may have different belief systems – is the only way to make truly positive change in communities and in the world.

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