Mar 2018

Month of Service: Cluster Q – Columbia Business School

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The Cluster Q club fom Columbia Business School partnered with Rainbow Railroad , a national organization for their month of service activity. Rainbow Railroad came as a suggestion from an ally club member who had a connection to the organization. Once learning about its mission, the club leaders discussed how the broader CBS community could act in benefit of refugees who escaped countries with institutionalized violence against the LGBTQ community, such as Syria and Russia.

Rainbow Railroad receives hundreds of requests for help every year from countries where LGBT individuals are open targets of violence. Because the volume of requests is so high, we focus our efforts on assisting LGBT people who have faced physical violence or face an imminent threat of violence, imprisonment, or death. They have been successful in helping individuals from the Caribbean, Africa and Middle East where we have local networks to support and validate cases. Visit  to learn more.

Club members set up a space on campus, gathered materials from  Rainbow Railroad, and encouraged the school to write valentines, letters of support/love, and messages of encouragement to be delivered to those who are now living in safer countries. They received notes written in multiple languages — Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese to name a few.

In total, they gathered over 100 notes from students, faculty, and administration who all supported this initiative. They were then given to Rainbow Road to distribute to refugees as needed.



Thank you, Cluster Q!

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