Mar 2018

Month of Service: IEOut Club & Allies – IE Business School

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On Thursday, February 22nd,  IE University’s LGBTQ+ & Allies Club, known as IEOut & Allies – hosted a benefit fundraiser for Fundación Eddy-G. This amazing nonprofit organization is the first and only of its kind in Spain. The Foundation Eddy-G is a shelter home for young LGBTQ+ people between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Many have  been victims of family violence, bullying, or other forms of LGBTQphobia and are currently at the risk of social exclusion.

Tickets were sold to attend and all proceeds from the event were donated to Foundation Eddy-G. Members from the organization came to speak with all attendees, and together were able to raise enough funds to cover all food & grocery expenses for every youth member of the Foundation for an entire week!

To learn more about this fantastic organization, please visit:


Thank you IE Out Club for participating!

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