Mar 2018

Month of Service Recap: Out for Business – Ross, University of Michigan

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Post written by Club Leader, Dayna Hine

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business’s LGBTQ+ MBA student group, Out for Business, hosted its annual community-wide charity event, MBgAy, this February for ROMBA’s month of service. MBgAy is a drag show performed by MBA students (and some faculty!) to help raise funds for a local LGBTQ non profit. Highlights from this year include a show-stopping performance from students in the School’s Erb Program (pictured below), as well as surprise cameos from our very own Soojin Kwon and Diana Economy during the school Armed Forces Association performance.  This was a blockbuster year for MBgAy with 80 performers, over 500 attendees and raising $5,000 for this year’s beneficiary: Ozone House.

Ozone House is a community-based, nonprofit agency that helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services. For more information, visit (


Prior to MBgAy Out for Business hosted an educational event for all of MBAy performers on the history of drag. Performers learned the history of drag’s influence in the LGBTQ movement dating back to the Stonewall Riots in the late 1960’s. The group also used the time to have an important conversation about gender identity and expression.


Thank you, Out for Business!

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