Mar 2018

Month of Service Recap: Smith Pride Alliance – U Maryland, Smith

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During the month of service, club members from the Smith Pride Alliance at University of Maryland – Smith School of Business partnered with Casa Ruby  for their meal program. Casa Ruby provides support services to the vulnerable low income LGBT DC community, with a special focus on the transgender community and Latino community.

Many of the clients of Casa Ruby use the services at their Drop Inn-Community Center which provide hot meals, a clothing exchange, access to the cyber center, support groups, case management, emergency housing referrals, and legal services counseling. Many of these services are run by local volunteers, including the meal program. The Smith Pride Alliance (SPA) has plans to turn their service work into a regular community outreach event. First Year Board President, Matt Harrop was excited about this potential venture, remarking that “The Smith School is a very inclusive place, and it’s hardwired into the culture at this point. So, we’re excited to bring that inclusive message out to the broader DC community.”

To learn more about Casa Ruby, visit (


Thank you, Smith Pride Alliance!

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