Aug 2016

ROMBA Conference Sponsor Highlight: The Advisory Board Company

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Over the next six weeks leading up to #ROMBA2016 in Dallas (Oct 6-8), we’ll highlight various companies and industries recruiting at the 2016 Reaching Out Out LGBT MBA & Graduate Conference.  Today’s highlight is a new partner at Reaching Out, management consulting The Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board is unique in its specific focus on health care and higher education change management.  Check it out:

FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES, Advisory Board has been helping health care get better.

We aren’t just a global research, technology, and consulting firm. We are a performance improvement partner for 180,000 leaders in 4,500+ organizations across health care and higher education.

Through our membership model, we collaborate with executives and their teams to find and implement the best solutions to their toughest challenges. But it’s not enough just to know the right answer—we need to solve real-world problems.

That’s why we create performance technology products that tell members where their biggest improvement opportunities are, and how to get results.

That’s why our expert researchers analyze thousands of case studies every year to find and share proven best practices.

That’s why our talent development team offers hands-on training to cultivate leaders and drive workforce engagement.

And, that’s why our seasoned consultants provide hands-on support and guidance in health care organizations around the world.

We are looking for diverse talent to join our Consulting team. We encourage you to register for the upcoming ROMBA conference in Dallas and stop by our booth to learn more.

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