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Learning Session: Social Impact Careers

When: Friday, Oct 3rd 9:00-10:15AM
Format:  Panel
Location: Golden Gate Room

Good. It's who you are. It's what you want to do. It's why you're getting your MBA. This is a panel about using business as a force for good. Come hear from top employers, industry experts, and MBA career management officers about the wide range of social impact opportunities for MBAs and get insider tips on landing the summer internship or full-time job of your social-minded dreams. We'll cover various sectors, e.g., non-profit, public, B-corp, and functions, e.g., consulting and strategy, investing, operations. Whether you are recruiting for social impact, considering a career in the field, or just even interested in learning more about life outside for-profit land, join us. First years, second years and pre-MBAs are all welcome. It's all good.

Community Session: Using Network for Good

When: Friday, Oct 3rd 3:30-4:45PM
Format:  Panel
Location: Seacliff A & B

As an MBA in the corporate world, you can make an impact for a diverse array of nonprofits. From applying your hard-won skills to a project to leveraging your network on behalf of an organization's financial health, we will train you to better engage the many social causes within our community. In this interactive session, you will learn how to identify organizational needs in the LGBT space, fundraise with panache and poise (no more awkward asks!) and apply your skills to pro-bono not-for-profit work. Find your place. Tap your network. Apply your skills.

Community Resource Fair

When: Friday, Oct 3rd 3:00-6:00PM
Format:  Panel
Location: Seacliff C & D

The ROMBA LGBTQ Community Resource Fair is an opportunity to showcase organizations, primarily non-profits, whose missions support the LGBTQ community in a variety of ways ranging from legal to health to entertainment services. Not only are these services that LGBTQ people can take advantage of, but they’re also great ways that our population can leverage their success to give back and get involved.


Community Outreach Initiative

When: Saturday, Oct 4th 2:15-5:00PM
Format:  Interactive/Roundtable/Workshop
Location: Regency Room

Long hours, cases, internships... your MBA experiences are forging you into an all-around machine. But these skills extend beyond industry or professional services into a universe of LGBT social impact organizations looking to answer complex questions with constrained resources. Through the Community Outreach Initiative (COI), join teams of 8-10 MBA's to troubleshoot some of the most pressing issues facing the not-for-profit community from corporate partnerships to program redesign and marketing strategy. Facilitated by consultants from McKinsey and Company, COI provides an opportunity not just to meet the organizations that help support our movement, but to provide key insights to help solve complex problems within our community organizations. The session will include a facilitated brain-storming session as well as a report-out from all participating groups.

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