Feb 2016

State of the LGBT MBA 2015-2016: Admissions

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As we lead up to the announcement of the current leader(s) for the Friendfactor competition, we’re going to take a moment to look at a different aspect of LGBT equality for students in business schools throughout the global.

Today we’re looking at how business schools allow LGBT applicants to identify themselves during the admissions process and also highlight the 28 schools currently offering the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship, a scholarship and leadership development program for top lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender MBA students.

Today’s information was collected directly from schools’ admissions officers who attended the LGBT MBA Admissions Summit (next year’s will be Saturday, October 8th in Dallas).

Of the 39 schools surveys, 28 MBA programs participate in the LGBT MBA Fellowship.  20 schools (51.3%) have a box that allows applicants to self-identify as LGBT.  Of those schools that do not have a self-identification box, many of them allow students to express interest in the on-campus LGBT club and many note that identification can be done on a resume, essay or in an interview.  View the full results below.

The full State of LGBT Equality in Business School Report will be available online Friday.

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