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Feb 2016

State of the LGBT MBA 2015-2016: On Campus Atmosphere

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As we lead up to the announcement of the current leader(s) for the Friendfactor competition, we’re going to take a moment to look at what students, both straight and LGBT, think about the inclusiveness of their peers on campus.

Today data set comes from 2918 responses from current MBA students at the 23 schools participating in the Friendfactor competition.  Friendfactor is designed to help LGBT clubs and students engage, educate and inspire their straight peers.  The hope is that through these interactions, business schools will help install more LGBT allies in the corporate world

So what did the survey find?

  • 88.44% of MBA students believe their peers are educated on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues and current events*
  • 81.72% of MBA students agree or strong agree that LGBT peers know who their allies are
  • As of the survey only 64.92% of MBA students had ever gone to an LGBT-related event
  • 86.62% of MBA students have heard a straight peer speak up for an LGBT peer on their campus

Read through these findings and more by viewing the full results of our annual State of LGBT Equality in Business School report
*there was no differentiation in the survey questions on lesbian, gay, bisexual versus trans issues, though we anecdotally have heard that knowledge of trans issues is not has high among students as gay, lesbian and bisexual issues

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