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Feb 2015

Queer Women in Business Panelist: Leanne Pittsford (Plus a Special Lesbians Who Tech Discount)

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Have you heard of Lesbians Who Tech?  If not, you should and you should also meet Leanne Pittsford, its founder! Luckily Leanne will be one of our TED-style speakers (10 minutes, no slides!) during the Queer Women in Business Summit, so you can meet her and hear how she created such a strong LBT community amongst queer women in technology!

Content at the Queer Women in Business Summit will be applicable to lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women in all phases of their careers. Attendees can look forward to speeches from LBT business leaders like Christie Smith, panels exploring issues at specific career stages and issues around intersectionality within the LBT community, a series of inspirational TED-style talks, a workshop around building stronger communication skills, and structured interactive breakouts that designed to build personal networks and foster organic mentor/mentee relationships in their industries.

Register for QUIB ($99 for professionals and $49.50 for students using the code LBTstudent)

Liberty Mutual is the title sponsor for the inaugural QUIB Summit!


Speaking of Lesbians Who Tech, their annual Summit in San Francisco is next weekend.  Luckily for you we have a partner discount that we can extend! Reaching OUT members get 25% off with the code LWTREACHOUT. Register today! http://goo.gl/JFrNXq


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