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Aug 2017

ROMBA Student Leader Profile: Rhett Chase

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In addition to Reaching Out’s staff, each year the Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA & Graduate Conference’s content is developed and produced by MBA & graduate students from business schools across the world. These core group of the students working on the ROMBA Conference are known as the “Student Leadership Committee.”  The Leadership Committee comes up with the conference’s theme, ideates all breakout sessions, and is seen prominently on the ground at the conference!

Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight each of this year’s 11 organizers and share some of their tips for those planning to attend this year’s 20th ROMBA Conference in Boston (Oct 12-14), which this year will include an inaugural Professional Day for alumni and our 20th ROMBA Gala Celebration with Anderson Cooper!  

Not only will the leaders tell you what they are most excited about for this year’s conference, but they’ll also give inbound LGBTQ MBA students tips on the summer internship search & experience!

LGBTQ MBA & business graduate students, alumni and applicants can register
for the 20th ROMBA Conference in Boston (October 12-14) here.

Name: Rhett Chase

School (Program/Concentration): Rice University – Jones School of Business: Finance

Summer Internship:
 Senior Consultant at EY’s M&A Transaction Advisory practice in NYC. I travel weekly to the client site in Delaware and stay there Monday – Thursday.

How did your first year in business school prepare you for your summer internship?
Beyond the fundamentals of business that we learned in class, my first year prepared me by giving me new ways to look at problems. It taught me that the first place to start may be to question why the question is being asked because context is everything. I learned to ask the right questions and use my curiosity as a tool to get beyond the surface level problem statement. I learned that my greatest resource is the team of smart and driven people around me who offered new perspectives and insights. My first year also taught me the importance of building a professional network and how these connections can help you develop, open doors, and be personally satisfying.

What experience(s) do you hope to take away from your Internship this summer?
I hope to take away three things from my summer: (1) learn if consulting – particularly in the mergers, acquisitions and divestitures space – is something that excites me and gives me the constant challenge and dynamic aspect that was lacking in my previous roles; (2) learn if EY is the firm I can picture myself at long-term – get to know the culture, people and form relationships with my colleagues and intern class; (3) get one data point on the lifestyle of weekly travel and living in NYC to help me decide if it’s for me.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice going into summer internships you can offer the Class of 2019
Pick your head up – there is so much more going on around you beyond what task/workstream you are working on during the summer. Learn as much as you can from others and pick their brains on what other projects they have worked on and the challenges/successes they have experienced.

What are you most excited about for 2017 ROMBA Conference?
To see everyone’s hard work come together! It is truly a team effort to get this done: from the brainstorming sessions (keeping session content relevant and thought provoking), all the way down to coordinating to get the right company representatives on the panels and logistics to run smoothly – we are excited to make the 20th ROMBA one for the books!

I’m also excited about reuniting with my ROMBA friends from around the world! Something that is unique about this conference is that it fosters organic connections and focuses on advancing the LGBTQ community in business by supporting each other.

Any advice you have for people going into the ROMBA Conference for the first time?
Prioritize! Decide what your top two goals are for the conference and plan your time accordingly. There is so much to do that you can’t do it all – so decide up front which areas you want to focus your time and energy on so that you don’t walk away three days later disappointed that you missed an opportunity that was important to you. Remember to make some time to have fun (i.e., don’t schedule two straight days of all interviews). If you are recruiting, get your resume in the database ASAP and check the boxes on your registration for all the companies you are interested in.

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Mar 2016

Class of 2017 Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellows Retreat Recap

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Reaching Out had the pleasure of spending last weekend in the City by the Bay with 22 of our incredible LGBT MBA Fellows, each of whom is a business student in this scholarship & leadership development program.

Representing 17 top MBA programs from across the United States and Canada, these Fellows brought their enthusiasm for business and LGBTQ leadership to San Francisco for a weekend retreat filled with learning, professional development, and bonding.

Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), spoke about her 20-year career working for equal civil rights for LGBT people. In conversation with ROMBA’s Executive Director Matt Kidd, Kate spoke frankly about the triumphs and setbacks she’s seen from the passage of California’s Proposition 8 to nationwide marriage equality and more. “Be more ferocious than you think you are,” Kate challenged the group. From her, the Fellows got the chance to think about the kind of leaders they can become.

After Kate, the Fellows learned about “Leading Out Loud” from Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer J.D. Schramm. J.D. spoke to the Fellows and encouraged them to find an authentic communication platform to share their their LGBTQ identities. As J.D. instructed them to engage levers, explore actions, and embrace their communication tools, each Fellow got strategic guidance on how they share stories. From Kate and J.D.’s lessons, our Fellows came together as a cohort, learning from and with each other.

But the weekend wasn’t all work, no play. In the afternoon, we set out to the Castro to learn about San Francisco’s storied LGBTQ history from Kathy Amendola at Cruisin’ the Castro Walking Tours. As we trekked through Harvey Milk’s old stomping grounds under a 20’ x 30’ rainbow flag, we listened to tales of triumph and sorrow that deepened our understanding of what it meant to be LGBTQ in the past, and how our community’s past can inform its future. From Pink Triangle Park to Twin Peaks — the first gay bar in the country to have windows after homosexuality was decriminalized — we learned about the Castro’s legacy.

People describe San Francisco as a foodie’s paradise, and our Fellows got to experience this first-hand. We ate at the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar on Friday, a truly one-of-a-kind tiki restaurant serving Asian cuisine and tropical drinks. On Saturday, we went to the movies…for dinner at Foreign Cinema. We feasted on food surrounded by the sights and sounds of film — a particularly fitting dinner the night before the Academy Awards. All in all, the Fellows came to San Francisco as individuals, but left as peers, colleagues, and friends. Reaching Out MBA’s Class of 2017 Fellows are an impressive cohort. We know that we’ll see more great things from them soon.

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Jan 2015

University of Virginia Darden Joins the LGBT MBA Fellowship!

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We are thrilled to announce that The University of Virginia, Darden School of Business is now the 13th participating MBA program in the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship, created as a joint effort between top graduate business schools and Reaching Out to demonstrate that business schools & MBA programs are outstanding opportunities for self-identifying and out lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) young professionals and their active allies to build their careers.

Each Fellowship recipient will receive a minimum $10,000 scholarship for each academic year during his/her full-time MBA as well as access to various Reaching Out programming, mentoring and LGBTQA leadership opportunities, some of which would be developed specifically for these Fellows.

As part of accepting the Fellowship, the students will also agree to take a national leadership role in planning content for at least one Reaching Out initiative during his/her time in business school.  Learn more about the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship & Scholarships

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