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Mar 2016

Why we need Out Women in Business

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Can you name a woman at the top of her field? We’ll give you a few seconds. While you think, here’s some Wonder Woman.

wonder woman gif

Got one in your mind? Good. Here’s just a few guesses on where your brain wandered. Maybe you went political and thought of Hillary Clinton or Angela Merkel. Perhaps your mind went to the business world and thought of Mary Barra or Indra Nooyi – the CEOs of GM and PepsiCo, respectively. Maybe you even thought about music, and Katy Perry or Beyoncé came to mind. These women are admirable and accomplished, breaking glass ceilings whenever they face them. In addition to all being women, they have something else in common: they’re all straight (at least as far as we know).

Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LBTQ) women are woefully underrepresented in business. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I have no doubt that LBTQ women are well-represented; they’re just not out at work. That’s understandable given the well-established evidence that women and LGBTQ people both face potential discrimination in the workplace. The data on LGBTQ people of color and employment is even more stark. But none of this will change unless we work together, as a community, to make sure that people can be out at work. Non-discrimination protection is key, but so is creating a strong network of LBTQ women to lean on for support, guidance, and development on how to be out at work. That’s where the Out Women in Business (OWIB) Conference comes in.

On April 1, we’ll meet in New York at OWIB to create a more united and visible community of out women in different industries. Together, we can form a strong, visible network of professionals that will inspire future generations of LBTQ women. Come and learn from some incredible speakers as they share their experiences of being out at work. Let’s change those statistics about LBTQ women and unemployment. Let’s work as a community to be more out, more present at work. Let’s turn the “double glass ceiling” narrative on its head. Register here for OWIB and build the world we want to live and work in.


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Dec 2014

Keynote Update: Another Reason Why Janet Mock is Fierce

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Wharton MBA Rada Yovovich interviews Janet Mock at the 2014 Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference

Renowned author and activist Janet Mock served as the marquee speaker during the Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference (ROMBA) this past October in San Francisco.  If you had the opportunity to see Janet speak in this intimate Q&A environment, you know that she’s smart, outspoken and fresh.  However her latest initiative makes us love her even more!

Earlier this month Janet launched an Indigogo campaign called #TransBookDrive.  The campaigns from this fund will be used to send her book “Redefining Realness” to transgender prisoners throughout the US.

Why is it important to help educate and inspire this often forgotten group of prisoners?  Well, did you know that one in six transgender Americans has been in prison?  Or that and just under half of all transgender black people?  According to Lambda Legal these are some harsh realities the transgender community faces just in the United States. This campaign helps ensure that these prisoners are able to read stories they can directly relate to that inspire and motivate them.

So check out and consider donating to Janet’s #TransBookDrive campaign (Campaign runs until December 30, 2014).


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