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Apr 2016


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At Reaching Out, we’re proud to be affiliated with some really incredible LGBTQ clubs at MBA programs around the country. Here’s a recap of UCLA Anderson’s OUT @Anderson “LGBT Awareness Week”:

UCLA Anderson School of Management celebrates LGBT Awareness Week

Walking into the Marion Anderson Courtyard last week, it was evident to students, faculty, staff and visitors that LGBT Awareness Week is not just a formality, but it has become an established, embraced tradition at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. With columns wrapped in rainbow and banners hanging overhead, Dean Judy Olian joined members of the Anderson community in signing the Ally Pledge, and concluded a week of events and programming dedicated to increased awareness and support for LGBT members in the business and UCLA communities.

On Monday, Out@Anderson hosted the “Ask-A-Gay* (*LGBTQ+) event, attended by over 50 people, who had the opportunity to hear from members across the LGBTQ spectrum about subjects such as coming out in a professional setting, how the Anderson student body can increase acceptance of LGTBQ+ students, and other topics relating to LGBT issues in business school. In addition to the event, Out@Anderson member, Kelsey Gorman ‘16 kicked off the week with a blog post on “What It Means to Be an Ally,” featured on Anderson’s LGBT community website.

Students and staff hold a moment of silence in the Marion Anderson Courtyard for victims of bullying and discrimination during LGBT Awareness Week at UCLA Anderson.

As the week continued, a moment of silence was held on Tuesday in the courtyard to raise awareness of the silencing effect of anti-LGBT harassment and discrimination. Wednesday offered an “LGBT in the Workplace” panel designed to prepare business students for navigating diversity and inclusion in their professional careers. It included Anderson alumni in the strategy, product marketing and consulting fields from companies such as Discovery Channel, AOL and Deloitte. The panelists shed light on realities of LGBT acceptance in business while answering questions about coming out in interviews or the workplace, discrimination faced, and affirming ways companies can adopt policies to promote diversity and inclusion.

UCLA Anderson Alumni members share insight and experiences during the LGBT in the Workplace panel

The week closed with more events, including an Ally Rally at the International Food Festival, a Happy Hour in West Hollywood bringing people together to socialize in Los Angeles’ LGBT neighborhood, and participation in the National Day of Silence on April 15th.

Desserts including rainbow cookies, cupcakes and –making an appearance at all Out@Anderson table events – the traditional bowl of Skittles, were featured at the International Food Festival. All baked goods were homemade!

In an open letter to the Anderson community, Out@Anderson President, Derek Bailey ‘16 reacted to the energy and events of the week: “We are immensely grateful for your active participation in the week’s events and touched by the large number of people who signed our Ally Pledge. Beyond the rich diversity and passion of our LGBT community, our strength lies in the unquestionable support from our allies across campus. Your involvement this week has reaffirmed our belief that UCLA Anderson is a safe, inclusive and empowering space for all LGBT MBA students, faculty and staff.”

Judy Olian, Dean of the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, signs the Ally Pledge

Throughout the week, UCLA Anderson students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign the Ally Pledge, which reads:

I pledge to be an ally to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. As an ally, I support the Out@Anderson LGBTQ Club and their efforts to lead diversity initiatives. Beyond the Anderson campus, I will do my best to ensure that friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues feel safe and supported. I will stand up against gender discrimination and all other prejudices directed at members of the LGBTQ community. I will work to create an inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations recognizing that diversity is a force that enhances our shared human experience.

UCLA LGBT Awareness Week is a cross-campus collaboration, in conjunction with the UCLA LGBT Resources Center, which is celebrating over 20 years of education and advocacy for students, faculty and staff at the University of California, Los Angeles.


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Apr 2016

Ally Week at NYU Stern

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At Reaching Out, we’re proud to be affiliated with some really incredible LGBTQ clubs at MBA programs around the country. Last week, OutClass at NYU’s Stern School of Business held its annual Ally Week, and we wanted to share it with all of Reaching Out’s readers.

Allyship: an active and consistent practice of unlearning and re-evaluating beliefs and actions, in which a person seeks to work in solidarity with a marginalized individual or group of people

Originally focused on LGBTQ programming, Ally Week at NYU Stern has grown in recent years to include the many affinity clubs and identities within the student body.  Each year, Stern finds ways of including new perspectives and cross-identities, and this year was no different. The week kicked off on Monday with a workshop led by Google about inclusion and the role of allyship in team environments. On Tuesday, small lunch discussions at local Greenwich Village restaurants were moderated by affinity club leaders, followed in the evening by a panel about Asian stereotypes. On Wednesday, the club screened the Academy Award-winning short film Trevor, with a Q&A featuring director Peggy Rajski as well as Jason-Daniel Fair from The Trevor Project. Thursday, the group held an “Ask Anything” forum, followed by Stern’s weekly beer blast hosted by Stern Women in Business. On Friday and Saturday, OutClass and the other Stern affinity groups organized community service projects around the city. All through the week, allyship took over Stern’s lobby with an ally pledge and public ally board. The word ally continues to have a strong meaning within LGBTQ advocacy, but OutClass has found kindred spirits in the many contributors and sponsors of a now annual event: Stern Diversity Committee, Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students, Military Veteran’s Club, Stern Women in Business, Asian Business Society, Stern Community Service, Stern Parents, Google, and Accenture.

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