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Jul 2015

ROMBA Student Organizer Profile: Phil Hue

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In addition to Reaching Out’s staff, each year the Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference’s content is developed and produced by MBA & graduate students from schools across the world. These core group of the students working on the ROMBA Conference are known as the “Student Organizing Committee.”  The Organizing Committee comes up with the conference’s theme, ideates all breakout sessions, and is seen prominently on the ground at the conference!

Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight each of this year’s 8 organizers and share some of their tips for those planning to attend this year’s LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference!  Not only will they tell you what they are most excited about for this year’s conference, but they’ll also give readers tips on the summer internship search & experience!

Name: Phil Hue

School (Program/Concentration): Class of 2016, Chicago Booth (Analytic Management, Statistics, General Management)

Summer Internship:  Summer Intern, Customer Analytics at Groupon in Seattle

What you’re most excited about for ROMBA 2015?

I’m most excited to meet all 1,500+ of you! Just by attending, you become part of the movement toward increased equality and diversity in the upper tiers of business. All of our content is developed to connect, educate and inspire you. Say hi if you see me, and tell me what you think!

What advice do you have for students, particularly those recruiting, going to ROMBA 2015 in Chicago?

Take a chance on unexpected content. Beyond developing a great perspective for interviews and evaluating potential careers, you can gain a lot of insight from the many sessions, from the hottest innovations and the most meaningful changes in a number of industries to real opportunities for professional development.

What experience(s) do you hope to take away from your Internship?

I hope to make a real impact and help people! Story of my life. I am working with a very new product, helping the team understand, test and improve its performance. I think they have huge potential and want to help them realize it.

How did your first year as a graduate student prepare you for your summer?

The best lesson of my 1st year was the difference between what I like about work, and what I don’t. I really like working on projects that change the status quo and help people. I was able to get involved with several non-profits and diversity initiatives where I can have a real impact, thanks to the MBA program. Hence, I feel very prepared to to have meaningful business impact over the short 10 weeks of my internship.

What valuable piece of advice can you offer readers going into their summer internship?

Act like a you’re full-time employee. It’ll put you in the right mindset to contribute to the company’s long-term success and make it easier to integrate with the team.


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