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Jul 2017

ROMBA Student Leader Profile: Ana Testolini

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In addition to Reaching Out’s staff, each year the Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA & Graduate Conference’s content is developed and produced by MBA & graduate students from business schools across the world. These core group of the students working on the ROMBA Conference are known as the “Student Leadership Committee.”  The Leadership Committee comes up with the conference’s theme, ideates all breakout sessions, and is seen prominently on the ground at the conference!

Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight each of this year’s 11 organizers and share some of their tips for those planning to attend this year’s 20th ROMBA Conference in Boston (Oct 12-14), which this year will include an inaugural Professional Day for alumni and our 20th ROMBA Gala Celebration with Anderson Cooper!  

Not only will the leaders tell you what they are most excited about for this year’s conference, but they’ll also give inbound LGBTQ MBA students tips on the summer internship search & experience!

LGBTQ MBA & business graduate students, alumni and applicants can register
for the 20th ROMBA Conference in Boston (October 12-14) here.

Name: Ana Testolini

School (Program/Concentration): Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management / Concentration in Marketing and Strategy

Summer Internship: Summer Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in Chicago

How did your first year in business school prepared you for your summer internship?
My first year at Kellogg has taught me to look at problems differently. More than learning how to solve them, I learned how to ask the right questions that will lead to the right answers. I learned that from a combination of courses and also recruiting experiences, in addition to each and every interaction with my Kellogg classmates. I have learned an incredible amount by seeing how my peers solve homework problems. Ultimately, they’re the ones that teach me the most, and prepared me for my Summer with BCG.

What experience(s) do you hope to take away from your Internship this summer?
There are two things I want to take away from my summer internship: (1) understand the day-to-day life of a consultant and get hands-on experience on solving complex problems with a very smart team, and (2) develop relationships with my internship class that will last for years to come!

What’s the most valuable piece of advice going into summer internships you can offer the Class of 2018?
The MBA experience is incredible but it can also be overwhelming. FOMO is real! But don’t lose sight of what is important to you, and most importantly: prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize! Be intentional on how you spend your time, and you will take the most out of the experience.

What are you most excited about for 2017 ROMBA Conference?
The leadership team and session directors have worked hard to put together an incredibly thoughtful line-up of sessions, and I am looking forward to seeing it all come together!

Any advice you have for people going into the ROMBA Conference for the first time?
Even though it will feel like all you do at ROMBA is recruiting, try and have some fun! Talk to people from other schools, make deep and meaningful connections with peers, those are the most valuable things you will take away from ROMBA.

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Apr 2017

ROMBA Session Director Applications Due April 28th!

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While most people know that serving as a Session Director at the ROMBA Conference is a way for current and admitted LGBTQ business students to get free registration, many of you may not be sure exactly what it entails.  Luckily we’ve created a slide that tells you everything you need to know!

Don’t forget the deadline to apply is April 28th!

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