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May 2017

IEOut Club joins Reaching Out Club Affiliates

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We are happy to welcome IEOut Club to the Reaching Out Club Affiliates this week!

IEOut, the Gay & Lesbian IE Network, is the reference for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender (LGBT) and their friends at IE Business School. This network aims to promote and spread respectful attitudes towards the LGBTQ community and to foster the best practices of inclusivity in academia and in the workplace.
Every year, IEOut plans and organizes the LGBT@Work conference. Its members are proud to host this annual symposium and networking event for the past 11 years and share the best practices in the workplace for inclusivity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities.

An exciting event that the club will be participating in this year is the WorldPride 2017 Festival. Including the world’s largest LGBT Pride Parade, the festival will  host cultural and exhibition events and an International Human Rights Conference.

IEOut Club now joins the network of European international schools affiliated with Reaching Out along with London Business School, INSEAD, and HEC Paris. Welcome!



Affiliates of ROMBA is a free club membership program for LGBTQ MBA on-campus clubs. This program was requested by the LGBTQ club leaders.  Our goal with LGBT Club Affiliates of ROMBA is to better serve LGBTQ-focused programming, better connect LGBTQ MBA club leaders, and better promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer clubs to prospective MBAs.

Through the Affiliate of ROMBA program, LGBTQ clubs & their members have easier registration access for the annual ROMBA Conference, are able to join monthly club calls, attend the annual LGBTQ MBA Club Leadership Summit, take part in the annual Friendfactor Challenge (where the winning club wins $5,000) and be on the LGBTQ MBA club listserv. Simply put, it creates stronger connections between clubs, Reaching Out and the LGBTQ MBA community.

LGBTQ MBA clubs can join now simply by (1) sending an e-mail stating your club’s interest and (2) including your 2017-2018 club leaders’ names and contacts.

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May 2017

2017 Brazil Conference

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On May 6th, the third annual Reaching Out Brazil Conference was held in São Paolo, Brazil. A record number of attendants were at this year’s conference with nearly 400 students and young professionals registered.

The mission of the conference is to give LGBTQ students & young professionals in Brazil and surrounding countries the opportunity to discover the value and importance of being out as an LGBTQ person in the workplace. The event is structured to encourage participants to form connections with their peers, gain inspiration from the experiences shared by professional LGBT speakers, and learn about career opportunities with top-tier employers in consulting, finance, technology and marketing, which are looking to recruit LGBTQ talent.

The morning began with a Welcome Address from Reaching Out’s Executive Director, Matt Kidd and led into a panel titled Generational Diversity in Organizations. A large part of today’s workforce is comprised of Generation Y employees who come with their own expectations of the workplace, as part of the LGBTQ community and otherwise. This topic discussed the current trends that millennials find most important in the workplace by drawing on the experiences of young employees and senior industry leaders.

Three breakout sessions followed the panel and allowed the participants to spend time learning about specialized areas according to their career interests and level.

What is it like working in your industry brought representatives from the conference sponsors to talk about their experiences in their company and industry as an employee and an LGBTQ employee.
CV Analysis invited participants to have their resume reviewed to aid their job searches and to understand what employees look during the application phase.
Consideration of Graduate Programs analyzed the benefits of pursuing additional diplomas, addressed the question of “What is it like to be a Brazilian student in an international school?” and highlighted industry areas that are proving to be the most popular choices for continuing education.

The morning ended with a session titled Ability To Expose Yourself As an LGBTQ Leader. Professionals shared personal stories about the first time they felt empowered to expose themselves and be seen as LGBTQ leaders. Special emphasis was placed on lesbians, bisexual women, and the transgender community as these parts of the community have been under represented in the workplace. Afterwards, a moderated Q&A was held to allow the speakers to advise individual questions.

After lunch, McKinsey & Company Partner & Global Recruitment Leader, Brian Rolfes delivered an address about the LGBTQ vision and how it has changed over time and in global settings. As a supporting founder of GLAM, McKinsey’s gay and lesbian affinity group, he has been with the company for 19 years and has seen many changes come to inclusion in the workplace.

Following Brian were two speakers who are heavily involved in the Brazilian LGBTQ community, Reinaldo Bulgarelli and Márcia Rocha. Reinaldo serves as the Executive Secretary of the LGBT Business and Rights Forum and teaches courses on human rights and corporate social responsibility in three separate schools. Márcia holds a seat on the Sexual Rights Committee of the World Association for Sexual Health and also works as a lawyer. They both shared their how they have combined their business careers with LGBTQ activism and education.

The day ended with a career fair with the conference sponsors and a reception hosted by AmBev.

Obrigado por participar!




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May 2017

2017 LGBT MBA Club Leadership Summit

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This event is made possible thanks to Mr. Richard A. Chicotel and Shorenstein Properties. Mr. Richard A. Chicotel was the chief financial officer of Shorenstein Properties, one of the country’s oldest real estate organizations, and a past Reaching Out LGBT MBA attendee who died unexpectedly on January 10, 2012 at the age of 52. Mr. Chicotel was an active fundraiser and advocate for causes in the LGBT community and was particularly moved by the passion and energy of our attendees. Thanks to the generosity of his estate and Shorenstein Properties, Reaching Out MBA is able to continue to offer no-cost attendance for students and provide travel for speakers to the annual LGBTQ School Leadership Summit.

Reaching Out held its annual Leadership Summit this April in Chicago at the Booth School of Business. This one-day summit invited leaders of LGBTQ MBA clubs to build their network, share ideas, and raise visibility on their campus. Topics covered outreach on campus, building awareness, and growing LGBT MBA student club organizations. Club Leaders from over 35 business schools were in attendance, including representatives from Canada and Europe.

A brief summary of what the event looked like below:

Welcome Address
The event started off with a Welcome Address from Executive Director, Matt Kidd during which an overview of new plans for the 2017-2018 year and the history of the relationship with club leaders was presented. Afterwards, each club was given the floor to present their top priorities, challenges, and achievements. This serves the purpose of allowing staff to understand what types of resources the clubs need and also helps to match skill sets among the schools and allow them to share their best practices.

Engaging Allies through the Corporate Equality Index
A presentation on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index explained the statistics and criteria that make up the index survey. As the US doesn’t have uniformly protect LGBTQ rights, the CEI can help to be a measure of that for larger corporations. Attendants were walked through what they should examine in a CEI score for a potential employer. An interesting note was made that the index only determines what policies and measures are in place. It cannot measure the culture or day-to-day experience. This led to a discussion about corporate culture and the ways that it can be quantified.

Joint Ventures
Promoting allyship on campus can be much more effective when connected to other campus clubs. Club leaders with successful campaigns in co-sponsored events led this interactive workshop. Split into groups by geographic location, students brainstormed potential ideas, discussed procedures for cross-promotion, and set tentative schedules for the year.

Over lunch, three breakout sessions were held to cover specialized topics:
• Bridging The Gap Across LGBTQs addressed how to close the gap among race, social-economic background, and international students who tend to be left out within the main-stream LGBTQI movement.
• Spotlight on Effective Professional Development, Recruitment and Alumni Relations presented what current trends across LGBTQ+ recruiting and placement exist, and how to use that knowledge to build professional development training and resources.
• Impacting the Greater LGBT Community explored ways to leverage the LGBTQ Clubs and MBA community to have a positive impact on LGBTQ communities outside of business school.

Conference Introduction
The Steering Committee for the 20th Year ROMBA Conference and Gala provided updates for this year’s conference and discussed ways that clubs can engage alumni leading up to and at the event. They also had the honor of notifying the students that Anderson Cooper would be the keynote speaker this year.

Enhancing LGBTQ Admissions
The day ended with talking about how to recruit LGBTQ students to business schools. An Admissions representative from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business spoke on what these teams do to recruit and invited students to discuss ways that clubs can become involved in that process. Using prompts, groups were challenged to come up with ways to recruit LGBTQ talent. From being situated in the South, to being a small campus or having no LGBTQ presence, tactics were created to recruit different populations within the LGBTQ community.

The relationship between Reaching Out and its club affiliates is critical to the success of the organization. We thank all of you who were able to attend and look forward to next year’s summit!


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