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Feb 2016

State of the LGBT MBA 2015-2016: LGBT Students & Clubs

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As we lead up to the announcement of the current leader(s) for the Friendfactor competition, we’re going to take a moment to look at a different aspect of LGBT equality for students in business schools throughout the global.

Today we’re looking data that is a glimpse at the answer to the question of “How many gay MBAs are there?”  While this question is impossible to answer due to self-identification issues, every year Reaching Out asks its on-campus club affiliates to report the percentage of known LGBT-identifying students.  Many club leaders note that they believe these populations are actually much larger.

On average of 3.43% of MBA students are considered to be openly LGBT at the 28 schools whose clubs self-reported data for their school this year.  This is an increase from last year’s 2.94% and 2013-2014′s 2.7%.  It is again worth remembering that many of these campuses’ actual LGBT populations may be higher, as many may not self-identify to their peers (and in fact past Friendfactor results suggest this is the case on many campuses).  At the very least these results suggest it may be getting easier for LGBTs to be out to their peers on business school campuses.

While there are likely other clubs out there, right now Reaching Out knows of 58 on-campus LGBT MBA clubs, many of which are Reaching Out Club Affiliates.  Additionally responses give us a good look at the diversity of LGBT MBA on-campus clubs.  Some clubs are restricted to LGBT students, while others are open to allies.  Harvard Business School is unique in that it has its own standalone LGBT Ally Club. View the full results below.

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