A downloadable PDF version of the 2018 ROMBA Conference Program is available here


All session will be held at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, our host hotel. All session topics, session times, and ​session locations are subject to change.

2018 Conference Underwriters


Minneapolis Company Treks


We will have multiple treks available for student attendees at the 2018 ROMBA Conference. The treks are a great, intimate way to hear about opportunities in industries, network with professionals, and see what a company is really like. Each trek will be limited to 20 attendees and spots will be competitive - participating companies will be announced and applications will open mid-August.

Participating Companies

Navigating Recruiting at ROMBA


Learn how to take advantage of recruiting opportunities at ROMBA: who to talk to, what questions to ask, and how to get yourself closer to an internship or full-time offer.  A must-do for first time attendees!

Out Women at ROMBA Sessions


Out Women at ROMBA: Women in Male Dominated Industries


This session will cover strategies for women to succeed in traditionally male dominated industries, including recognizing stereotypes and unconscious bias. Walk away with techniques for dealing with discrimination in the workplace and understand the importance of creating allies, mentors, and sponsors to further your career opportunities.

Out Women at ROMBA: Out Women's Leadership Development


Out women in business face a unique set of leadership challenges. Join us in learning about distinct leadership stories and tools to show up and stand out.

Out Women at ROMBA: Intersectional Women


Understanding and embracing the intersectionality we all bring to the workplace helps us utilize each individual's unique skills and experiences to provide an inclusive environment and support a strong business. This panel will bring together the experiences and perspectives of women from various intersectional identities to show what an inclusive workplace can produce, both personally and professionally.

Out Women at ROMBA Reception


Come meet other women, femmes, and non-binary folks at ROMBA in both structured conversation and a casual setting to bond with others over similar passions regarding gender and LGBTQ issues in the workplace. Wrap up the afternoon of content with a mixer designed to build life-long connections in your LBTQ network.

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Driving Recruiting Momentum: How to Build a Recruitment Backup Plan


The summer internship recruiting process can be intense and requires significant research and preparation. A natural consequence of these efforts is a focus on only one or two career functions. However, there are times when those options do not work out and one must consider other industry paths. This panel of second years and practitioners discusses how to be proactive with the various recruiting cycles and how to build that backup plan ahead of time.

Advice for Career Switchers

Pursuing your MBA to pivot your career? Hear from others who have successfully navigated the recruiting process to change their career. Learn from speakers about what tactics they used, advice they have for other careers switchers, and ask those lingering questions that are on your mind as you embark on your new career path.

Fine Tuning Your Finance Technical Skills


If you're pursuing a career in finance, there's probably one part of the interview process that you're dreading the most: the technical interview. Come fine tune your finance technical skills by learning how to use the technical information you've learned in class in order to clearly and succinctly communicate your answers to the most common technical interview questions.

Ace the Case Interview

Excited about consulting but mystified by the case interview? Not sure whether you fit the mold? This session breaks down the basic strategies for tackling the common case types and wowing your interviewer with structured and creative thinking, all while expressing your authentic self.

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Veteran's Reception

The right to serve one's country through military service as an LGBTQ citizen is fundamental in the United States. This meet-up serves to bring together and celebrate our LGBTQ veterans.

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Welcome Reception

Join us for the official opener to the 21st ROMBA Annual Conference. Our theme for this year's conference: Driving Momentum. Explore this theme by mixing and mingling over cocktails with student & alumni conference attendees, sponsors, and company representatives with whom you will be enjoying this weekend in Minneapolis!

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ROMBA Fellowship Recipient Reception (By Invitation Only)

ROMBA Fellows, assemble! This is a gathering of recipients of the LGBTQ MBA Fellowship and the Reaching Out team who worked hard to make this program possible. In addition to the LGBTQ MBA Fellows, Reaching Out's Emerald-level and higher-tier corporate partners are invited to join us.

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Company Interviews & Coffee Chats (By Invitation - Select Companies Only)


Did you know that over 60% of companies at the ROMBA Conference hold either coffee chats/informational conversations or interviews with LGBTQ MBAs and other grads at the event? These conversations and interviews are by invite only and many invitations are sourced from the LGBTQ MBA Resume Database & Job Board before the conference  — so get your resume in the database asap (hint: some companies don't post jobs, but do screen through the resumes!).


Breakfast & Opening Keynote Interview


Good morning! Begin the first full day of ROMBA with a hearty breakfast sponsored by KKR. Two recipients of the ROMBA Fellowship will interview the CEO of General Mills, Jeff Harmening about how he practices allyship in the US and abroad as a leader for the company. We'll hear about his experiences of being an active ally, how companies like General Mills support and market to the LGBTQ community, and how where he sees opportunities for the corporate community to strengthen allyship.

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Careers In Finance

Format: Interactive/Roundtable

Are you interested in finance but don't quite know which career path best suits your interests and abilities? If so, this panel is perfect for you! Come hear practitioners from investment banking, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and private wealth management give their insight into their specific career fields.

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Consulting - A Day in the Life

Format: Interactive/Roundtable

In this intimate breakout style session, participants will have a chance to understand a day in the life of a management consultant as they are walked through a real consulting engagement.

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Morning Breakout Sessions I



Format: Workshop

#EvolveTheDefinition is a project Bonobos started to build a conversation around the definition of masculinity. Masculinity is currently defined as having qualities traditionally associated with men, especially through strength and aggressiveness with synonyms like macho, powerful, and red-blooded. All of which paint a limiting picture of what a man can be.So we asked 172 individuals to help us evolve it to be more diverse, inclusive and accepting, and we’re encouraging others to do the same. The 90 second micro-documentary launched nationally on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 during the ESPN Awards (ESPYS) on ABC. In addition, Bonobos took to its social media channels (Instagram,Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to generate a meaningful conversation with people across the nation.

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Design Thinking 1O1: How to Innovate

Format: Panel

As the business world changes more rapidly, companies are being forced to adapt and react more efficiently and effectively to the challenges they face. Learn how individuals draw from their personal and professional lives to create innovative products and solutions to the problems they face.

Tech Trends: Diversity Driven Innovation

Format: Panel

The tech industry must rapidly evolve by necessity. Diversity of background and thought is said to be critical for sparks of innovations. This session will explore stories of how tech companies are turning to diverse teams to break new ground and form new ideas across the industry.

It Takes a Network! - Networking at ROMBA & Beyond

Format: Panel

Do you hate going to networking events? Think you're okay at it but always dread it, or think you're great but ready to step your game up? Join us for some strategies on how to get more out of your networking and maybe even have a little fun.

Networking Zone: Innovation & Intrapreneurship

Format: Themed Networking

In our Networking Zone, we will hold a structured round-robin style speed networking session allowing students interested innovation & intrapreneurship across industry to meet with peers and professionals representing different organizations and paths within the function.

The Opioid Crisis and Risk of Addiction in the LGBTQ Community

Format: Panel

Research has shown that the LGBTQ+ community is at much higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse. This session seeks to provide introductory knowledge to the current state of the opioid crisis and spark discussion on the ways in which the LGBTQ+ community is experiencing it. In addition to the disproportionate addiction risk, there are numerous challenges for LGBTQ+ patients whose specific issues are often overlooked when they are seeking treatment in traditional out-patient programs.

Morning Breakout Sessions II


Finding Meaning in the Workplace

Format: Interactive

What gives us meaning as individuals?  How does meaning relate to happiness?  How can we find and create meaning in our work? Come join us as we explore these questions together through a series of hands-on activities and break-out discussions, hosted by McKinsey and Company.  This interactive workshop is open to all ROMBA attendees. We're excited to meet you!

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Retirement by Design

Format: Workshop

Our focus on personal relationships helps us meet the financial needs of the LGBT community. During Retirement by Design, we’ll take a strategic approach in discussing how you can translate your vision for retirement into tangible goals. Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you’ll learn strategies you can use now to help you retire when and how you want to.

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Blockchain: Changing the Game

Format: Panel

Is blockchain here to stay or is it another fad? Hear what experts in Finance have to say about the disruptive potential of this technology. Beyond cryptocurrencies, find out what blockchain functions are most likely to change our lives.

Human Resources - Going Beyond the HRC Score

Format: Panel

The HRC gave 100% ratings to a record 609 businesses in 2018, many of them Fortune 500 companies: so then why are nearly half of LGBTQ+ graduates going back into the closet when they start their first job? Even among those who say that they are "out at work," 66% say "not all their colleagues know they are LGBTQ+". How can HR professionals leverage the strength of intersectional LGBTQ+ employees to achieve a competitive advantage in the war for talent? The session will provide insights on how HR can leverage the LGBTQ+ talent pool to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion to recruit and retain top talent. LGBTQ+ and allied HR professionals will discuss how they are going beyond a 100% Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Score to create policies and strategies that support intersectional employees so that they can bring their whole selves to work.

Hiring for Roles in Tech

Format: Interactive/Roundtable

"Tech" jobs are more than just technical. Companies of all sizes and across nearly every industry are offering tech-adjacent MBA roles in product development and management, strategy, finance, operations, and more. Attend this session to learn about the variety of modern roles in tech, what skill sets are best suited for these roles, and what the day-to-day looks like for those currently working in these positions. 

Marketing Cases

Format: Interactive/Roundtable

Are you interested in a career in marketing? If so, come to this interactive session where you will have the chance to work through different marketing situations and hear how professionals tackled them head on. This session will also provide a great opportunity to learn about the different ways that marketers can impact an organization. We are excited to have a diverse group of marketing professionals take us on a journey from B2B to B2C and cover a wide range of industries, including CPG to tech! Explore brand management, digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and advertising with us!

Networking Zone: Social Impact

Format: Themed Networking

In our Networking Zone, we will hold a structured round-robin style speed networking session allowing students interested in careers in social impact to meet with peers and professionals representing different organizations and paths within the sector.

The Future of Retail

Format: Panel

Smart Stores, Online Pickup, Home Delivery. Hear from a panel of retail industry leaders about trends in the retail sector and how companies are innovating to find new ways to meet consumer demand.

Value-Based Health Care: Improving Health Equity

Format: Panel

This session highlights how players in healthcare define value, drive sustainable growth, and meet the needs of the consumers. Session attendees will have protected time to network with our panelists representing pharma, health plans, and clinicians.

Morning Breakout Sessions III

12:00PM - 1:00PM 

LGBT Healthcare Access: Getting Better or Under Assault?
Format: Workshop

While LGBT rights have made great strides, healthcare remains an inconsistent patchwork across states, regions, and localities, but also across demographics… gender, age, income, cis/trans, and race.  We take an in-depth look at the state of play and the work that remains to be done with leaders in advocacy/legal, public health, providers, payers, and pharma.

Presented By: 

Who You Are is Non-Negotiable

Format: Interview

Join Target leaders Caroline Wanga, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and AlexisKantor, Vice President of Product Design and Development for an authentic and real conversation on the journey of creating inclusive spaces and building a culture that honors people’s true selves at work. In this fireside chat style discussion, Caroline and Alexis will delve into the importance of separating the passion from the practice, and challenge us all to focus on progress over perfection.

Presented by:

Evolution of Being LGBTQ in IB

Format: Panel

Investment Banking is tough, but being LGBTQ in investment banking can be particularly difficult. Hear LGBTQ investment bankers share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced due to their LGBTQ identity.

Sponsored by:

How to Balance Depth and Breadth in Rotational Programs

Format: Interactive/Roundtable

Companies lavish time and money on rotational leadership programs with the firm belief that a breadth of knowledge and perspectives in various functions lays a solid foundation for great future leaders. However, rotational programs prioritize a generalist mindset which sometimes leads to relative lack of special skill sets. This curated interactive session with panelists from a variety of leadership programs will share how to balance the breadth and depth of learning in rotational programs and maximizing its value.

Networking Zone: Corporate Finance and Operations

Format: Themed Networking

Please join us for a networking opportunity to discuss how careers in Corporate Finance and Operations are available and applicable across a variety of companies and industries.

Smart Cities of The Future

Format: Themed Networking

Global warming, population growth, and waste management are only a handful of the issues our generation is confronted with. With more than half of the global population living in urban areas (80% in the US), cities will play a crucial role in tackling these challenges. We want to take a closer look at how metropolis and companies innovate to develop a more sustainable and efficient urbanscape, and how smart transport systems, energy-efficient homes, and circular economy will revolutionize the city of the future.

Successful Product Launch Strategies

Format: Panel

This session aims to provide insights on how to strategize a successful product launch across industries and verticals. This is an opportunity for attendees to learn actionable tactics from the experts as well as explore product-related careers.

Sponsored by:

The Power of the Pink Dollar

Format: Panel

The LGBTQ community in the United States alone is estimated to have a purchasing power of $900 billion. How do companies effectively reach this target audience? Marketing to a community that is so diverse across gender, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic level has its own set of challenges. We have put together a panel of distinguished industry experts to walk you through strategies and tactics that appeal to the consumer through a mix of traditional media as well as the more efficient digital route.

Sponsored by:

Leadership Lunch & Keynote Plenary

The Leadership Lunch, sponsored by McKinsey & Company, allows attendees to connect with and learn more about their peers or companies that may have invited them to join their table for lunch. During this session our content will focus on the leadership, both from the corporate and nonprofit sectors, that has made LGBTQ progress possible. A highlight of the session will be a keynote interview with Beth Ford, who recently made headlines when she became CEO of Land O'Lakes as the first out woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Sponsored by:

21st ROMBA Conference Career Expo

ROMBA's preeminent career expo hosts over 90 top companies (many of which do not visit campuses) looking to recruit LGBTQ MBA and graduate talent. A must for all job-seeking attendees.


* Please note that most companies are attending exclusively to identify LGBTQ talent they cannot easily access elsewhere. If you are not LGBTQ or an active ally this is not the best career event for you.

LGBTQ People of Color Reception


Did you know that 50% of attendees at the annual ROMBA Conference identify as nonwhite/caucasian? The LGBTQ MBAs of Color Reception celebrates the diversity of our attendees and welcomes all of those of a diverse backgrounds, and anyone committed to diversity within the LGBTQ community, for a fun-filled hour of networking over complimentary beer & wine.

Sponsored by:

ROMBA Charity Party!

Close the Friday of ROMBA with a bang at our annual Charity Party, featuring drinks, appetizers, and dancing! Proceeds from this event will go to the James Robertson LGBTQ Student Access Fund, a restricted fund that ensures that all LGBTQ students have equal opportunities to succeed. All donations to this fund go directly to students’ travel & registration for LGBTQ leadership development-related events. No money is taken out of this fund for overhead, production costs, or any other costs to the organization.


Company Interviews & Coffee Chats (By Invitation - Select Companies Only)


Did you know that over 60% of companies at the ROMBA Conference hold either coffee chats/informational conversations or interviews with LGBTQ MBAs and other grads at the event? These conversations and interviews are by invite only and many invitations are sourced from the LGBTQ MBA Resume Database & Job Board before the conference  — so get your resume in the database asap (hint: some companies don't post jobs, but do screen through the resumes!).


Case Competition

Preliminary Round: 8:00AM-10:30AM

Final Round: 11:00AM-12:30PM

In the 16th annual ROMBA Case Competition, sponsored by Liberty Mutual, students will analyze a business situation and present recommendations to a panel of seasoned consultants from various consulting firms. This case will allow participants to test and display their business acumen and strategic thinking.  Competition entries start August 13th - space is limited

Sponsored by:

Mergers & Acquisitions Competition


The 4th annual M&A Case Competition, sponsored & facilitated by Credit Suisse, provides MBA student teams with the opportunity to experience the role of investment bankers in a mergers & acquisitions scenario. Teams will demonstrate their financial and strategic analysis skills before a prestigious panel of judges hailing from top banks. Join us for the final showdown of teams as they showcase their analysis of the case. Learn more and enter the competition here.


Sponsored by:

Pre-MBA Expo


Over 40 top MBA programs will have a mix of admissions officers, LGBTQA MBA alumni, and current LGBTQA MBA students on-site to share information about their programs & experiences on campus with our pre-MBA attendees. Through the remainder of the day many of these schools will also hold invited one-on-one informational sessions with pre-MBA attendees.

Morning Breakout Sessions I


Business's Role in the Fight Against HIV

Format: Panel

Although incredible advances in medicine have curtailed the AIDS crisis a great deal, the epidemic continues to plague gay and bisexual men, people of color, trans women (especially trans women of color), and people who inject drugs. We have the tools to end HIV and AIDS today, and yet new infections continue to occur year after year. This session will explore ways in which the business community can be involved in ending the spread of HIV and reducing HIV stigma.

Building Inclusive Environments

Format: Panel

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are at the forefront of many company minds, and it's important for business leaders to take the lead in building inclusive environments for all. In this session, we will engage in meaningful and challenging conversations about diversity and inclusion with the intent that attendees will walk away with better understanding and actionable best practices to creating inclusive spaces.

Sponsored by

Navigating Your Career as an International Student

Format: Panel

LGBTQ International students face a variety of challenges in business school. From navigating a new environment to visa issues to recruiting, hear from a panel of industry experts who can provide recommendations for best practices along with LGBTQ international students who have been through the process.

Nonprofit Opportunities: Making Meaningful Change with Your MBA

Format: Panel

Co-facilitated with a local Twin Cities nonprofit partner, this workshop will hone in on the notion of doing well by doing good through introducing participants to how MBAs can translate their skills to the nonprofit sector. The session will begin with a map of issue areas and roles within the sector, guided by the nonprofit partner detailing their own journey to their current position. The map will lead participants to "pick your own adventure" to assume one particular role in a nonprofit. Using design thinking frameworks, groups will then work through an ideating exercise to generate potential innovative approaches which address a specific challenge faced by an issue area within the social sector, such as how to scale positive education outcomes. The workshop will culminate with participants sharing their ideas and feedback.

Reverse Mentoring: Accelerating Change with Mutual Benefit
Format: Panel

While “reverse mentoring” typically refers to more junior employees mentoring more senior colleagues, it has also been leveraged across dimensions beyond generational, including diversity & inclusion efforts. This session will focus on LGBTQ-inclusion reverse mentoring programs. We’ll talk about program benefits to the organization and individuals, review case studies of established programs and discuss how to get started with a program at your own organization.

Presented by


8th Annual LGBTQ MBA Startup Pitch Competition


Pitch submission is open to both students & alumni. How good is your idea or business plan? Pitch your business to a panel of judges (thanks to StartOut) who are some of the industry's top VCs with extensive experience in the space and hear feedback that will help you no matter where you fall. Win and walk away with the $5000 grand prize to help get your venture running! This year both LGBTQ MBA/graduate students and LGBTQ MBA professionals/alumni are eligible to compete.  Learn more and enter the competition here.

In Partnership with:

Morning Breakout Sessions II


Across the Rainbow: Being an Ally to the Other Letters in LGBTQ+

Format: Panel

The beauty of being LGBTQ+ is being part of a larger group of queer people. Come and educate yourself on how to be an ally to your friends in the community who identify differently from you!


Format: Panel

Are you familiar with the Stonewall Riots of 1969? Do you know what DADT policy refers to? Curious about the events that led to the repeal of DOMA? As future LGBTQ business leaders, it is imperative that we are at least familiar with our history. Come learn (or refresh your memory) about the historic moments that have defined our community.


LGBT Abroad: Building a Global Career

Format: Panel

Are you a US citizen interested in working internationally? Come learn about ways to navigate being LGBTQ in work and life abroad - and how you stay top of mind with those in the home office if you want to eventually return.

Public Private Partnerships: Reaching Out Beyond Infrastructure

Format: Panel

With an eye towards development, governments have often turned to partnerships with private corporations to build the road, utility and telecom networks its citizens demand. However, as public concern expands beyond infrastructure, how has the Public-Private Partnership (3P) model expanded to address issues of greater public good? In this interactive discussion, panelists will explore the intersection of public and private interests in 3Ps, as well as business' evolving role from financial supporter and benefactor to expertise leader in addressing larger issues (and opportunities) in healthcare, agriculture, energy, economic growth and social progress.

Pre-MBA: Checking the Box: Disclosing Your Diversity


More and more business schools are allowing applicants to disclose their affiliation with the LGBT community during the application process. Should you come out in your application? What if your target school does not explicitly ask if you are a member of the LGBT community? What is the best way to address being LGBT through your application? Better understand approaches to addressing your LGBT affiliation during the application process, as well as the benefits that disclosing your LGBT affiliation can bring for you and for your future business school community.

Pre-MBA: School Informational Chats


Many schools will invite pre-MBA attendees to sit down with their staff, alumni or students for an informational conversation. Invitations may be extended in advance or during the morning expo. Not all schools will participate.

Regional Networking Lunch


Whether you feel tied to the city you were born in, the state where you went to school, or where you currently live, regional connections are important. Our networking lunch in the lobby is set aside for you to learn more about who's in your area and to build stronger networks amongst members in Reaching Out's regional chapters. Look for signs around the lobby for following areas:








Pre-MBA: The Insider's Guide to the MBA: All Your Questions Answered

Have questions about the MBA you've been looking to ask but haven't had the chance? As a pre-MBA student, you can listen and ask questions to a panel of current and graduated MBAs. This session allows you to a more comprehensive understanding of the application process, MBA life, and the many opportunities available to you after obtaining your MBA.

Plenary Session: Awards & LGBTQ MBA Perspectives - A Series of TED-Style Talks from Alumni

Last year this session received better feedback than even Anderson Cooper. Both the student and professional attendees at the ROMBA Conference come from all walks of life and bring with them a myriad of experiences. This plenary session is designed to bring together both Professional Day and traditional ROMBA Conference attendees. Delivered in short-form TED-style talks, alumni will illuminate some extraordinary life lessons that you may benefit from hearing. Following these talks, the ROMBA Conference Competitions winners will be awarded a "big" check.

Sponsored by:

Pre-MBA: Speed-Networking


Want to talk to current students in a more informal setting? Have any burning questions about certain schools or programs that you'd prefer not asking admissions committees? Curious about life as an LGBTQ+ student on campus? Join this speed-networking session to meet current students, hear about their experience, and build a larger network within ROMBA

Pre-MBA: Pumped & Prepped for Career Advancement


Did you know 52% of MBA alumni work in a different industry or function than their pre-business school careers? Join us in learning how to market yourself for your future career prospects, selecting a school that fits your goals, and deciding what path is right for you.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions I


Combating MBA Imposter Syndrome

Format: Panel

Are you an MBA student coming from non-traditional background? Does that low GMAT or sub-par quant grade have you concerned about keeping up with academics? Have you felt lost among your classmates who just seem to 'get it'? Have you have you asked yourself "Do I have what it takes?" or "Do I deserve to be here?" when thinking about your MBA program? If you have experienced any of the above, you are not alone. Given competitive internships and job searches, nosebleed GPAs and test scores of classmates as well as the pressure to constantly perform our best, it is common for everyone to occasionally suffer from feelings of 'imposter syndrome,' such as:

• Doubting our past and current accomplishments
• Attributing our success to luck
• Believing that we have deceived others into thinking we are more intelligent than we are
• Fearing that we'll be exposed as a fraud
Learning to combat to imposter syndrome is a critical to not only succeeding in your MBA program but also living your truth and best life as a professional in the LGBT community. Hear from a panel of LGBT professionals on how they faced self-doubt, developed their strengths, and found success in business school and their careers.

Grit Toward Greatness

Format: Interactive/Roundtable 

Mental, physical, and emotional health are critically important, and as our lives fill with the competing priorities of business school, work, and life it's sometimes hard to find balance and rhythm within our-selves. This interactive session will provide attendees opportunities to discuss their challenges around wellness, share effective strategies for growth, and identify pathways forward together. Tangible take aways include techniques for healing, mindfulness, empowerment, and self-care. Join us as we build resilience and grit toward our own greatness.

LGBTQ MBA Club Leadership Forum

Format: Town Hall

Are you an officer of an LGBTQ on-campus club? Meet up with LGBTQ MBA club leaders from the many other top MBA programs that attend ROMBA. Moderated by Reaching Out’s Executive Director and picking up from the annual LGBTQ MBA Club Leadership Summit, this is a great opportunity to hear about club initiatives around the country

Looking Forward: LGBTQ Policy & Trends

Format: Panel

Want to learn more about public policy and the LGBTQ+ community? Come talk with experts about ways we can leverage the public sector to maximize outcomes for everyone in our community.

Roadmap to Entrepreneurship

Format: Panel

Join us for a panel discussion with LGTBQ+ founders, business owners, and investors where you’ll learn about what it takes to create a scalable venture. Topics will include bootstrapping, funding, and other challenges faced by entrepreneurs at all stages from ideation to exit. 

Presented by

Prospective ROMBA Student Leaders


Most of Reaching Out’s content, including the ROMBA Conference, is developed by LGBTQ MBA students and alumni in our community just like you! If you are interested in being on the steering committees for the 2019 ROMBA Conference, Out Women in Business Conference (students & alumni), Reaching Out Brazil, Reaching Out APAC (students & alumni) or Club Leadership Summit (students only) come to this session to hear from this year’s leadership team.

School Receptions for Alumni & Students

In the spirit of connecting with other LGBTQ MBAs and alumni, many schools are hosting private receptions for their students, alumni, and administration joining us at the conference. To view a updated schedule of these events, please visit the mobile app

Marquee Dinner Reception


Kick off a celebration of everything that was ROMBA 2018 with a libation at the open-bar reception - as we get ready to dine and hear from George Takei at dinner!

Sponsored by:

Marquee Dinner with Keynote Speaker George Takei

The marquee dinner concludes the conference. Dinner and drinks are catered, and you’ll hear from George Takei. With a career spanning five decades, George Takei is known around the world for his founding role in the acclaimed television series Star Trek, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise. But Takei’s story goes where few stories have gone before. From a childhood spent in a Japanese internment camp during WWII to becoming one of the country’s leading figures in the fight for social justice, LGBTQ rights, and marriage equality, George Takei is a powerful voice on issues ranging from politics to pop culture.

Sponsored by:

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