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In 1998 students from Harvard Business School & Yale School of Management saw a missing space for for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer business students and worked together to create a student-run conference for our community, which today is known as the ROMBA Conference.  That first conference was attend by less than 100 students from about 6 schools.

Two decades later that conference has grown to an 1,800 person annual event and Reaching Out has become a year-round operating nonprofit organization with over a dozen unique programs dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting the LGBTQ MBA community to impact change in the workplace and create the next generation of out leaders.


What would become the first of many Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA & Graduate (ROMBA) Conferences is created by students from Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management. Approximately 100 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender MBA students & professionals attended.


Reaching Out MBA, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service.

Reaching Out MBA, Inc. forms an expanded board of directors and supports student efforts to produce a conference in the fall that would better align with the corporate recruiting cycle.


Reaching Out launches a search for lesbian & gay MBAs to serve as authors to research and write cases dealing with LGBTQ issues.  This first case starts what is now serves as the LGBTQ Case Library.


Reaching Out sponsors and facilitates the first-ever graduate business student lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBTQ MBA Club Leadership Summit, now an annual event.


The 15th Annual Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA Conference is held in Boston with 1287 attendees and 78 corporate partners.


Reaching Out celebrates 15 years and the Board of Directors makes the decision to hire Matt Kidd as its first full-time Executive Director to help grow the organization's year-round programming for LGBTQ MBA students.


Reaching Out launches its Treks programs, bringing LGBTQ MBA students and prospective students directly to business headquarters.


Reaching Out launches the ROMBA Fellowship, a national scholarship & mentorship program in partnership with over 17 top business schools for out LGBTQs & active allies pursuing their MBAs.



Reaching Out launches Out Women in Business, a program designed to bring more visibility to out lesbian, bisexual and transgender women and encourage young LBTQs to pursue an MBA and business in general.


Reaching Out holds its first international event with Reaching Out: Brazil.  Over 180 undergraduate and graduate business students attend.


The inaugural class of ROMBA Fellows begins its MBA journey.



Reaching Out begins its long-term vision expansion into serving alumni with the launch of, an online home for LGBTQ MBA (and business graduate) students and alumni/professionals.


20th ROMBA Conference is held in Boston with over 1,800 student and alumni attendees and 90 corporate partners.

The inaugural Reaching Out Asia Pacific Conference is held in Hong Kong.