How to Deal with MBA Anxiety

A guest post by Emma Williams, Content Manager at Admissionado

Do you panic every time you think about applying to an MBA, choosing a program, writing essays, asking for recommendations?

You’re not alone.

Anxiety is a natural and often healthy feeling. We all experience it in our lives and feel that we have reached a dead end. Many solutions come to mind, but we are afraid to do anything , afraid of the humiliating results of possible failure. Am I right?

MBA admissions is, no doubt, very hard. But turning the anxiety into opportunity and continuing with your efforts is the only way to win this struggle. Here are some tips to guide you through your MBA anxiety.

Reflect on Your Goals

First and foremost prioritize your goals. The first step in achieving your goals is to recognize your abilities.

Ask yourself why you need to apply to an MBA.

Well, for beginners, if you don't have any idea why then you need to start from there. Will an MBA help with your career growth, will it make you stand out against your peers, or better yet propel you to start your own empire?

After clearly setting your goals it’s time to do your due research and make a plan. Find out the application deadlines of the programs you’re interested in, required documents and such. It is important to organize and have control over your application process which will reduce the resulting anxiety.

Stop Planning, Start Moving

The fact that we need to plan cannot be denied.

No doubt, the application process is a long and complex one—you need to begin thinking about and planning for it over a year in advance. But usually planning only isn’t enough.

Well, to move on with it, you have to challenge yourself to take action. Ask the consultants to guide you through tough times. Start essay writing as early as you can. Ask for recommendations, don’t leave it to the last minute. You don’t want a rushed, mediocre recommendation because you failed to ask early.

Visit your campus. This stimulus, like the student days at the university, will motivate and form a sincere and determined action plan to implement more ideas and work harder. It is a way better mindset than anxiety and panic.

Stop Underestimating Yourself

Challenge negative thoughts.

Talking to yourself with doubts and repetitions of negative thoughts that ‘I can't’ and remembering the bitter experiences and failures of the past in your mind is a barrier to your will and desire to achieve goals.

Try to reasonably assess these doubts and concerns to reduce their impact. You need to remind yourself that everything is achievable if you want it hard enough.

A positive and confident mindset will stimulate you to better, and positive thinking will allow you to bring your dreams closer to reality. Do your best. Say to yourself, "With hard work and perseverance, I can do this’. So many students before you did this seemingly impossible task. Why can’t you?

Get Professional Guidance

Sometimes you don't have the ability and knowledge to properly plan and find the right path.

In this case, the best option to overcome your anxiety is an MBA admissions consultant. The MBA counselor's job is to help you start your planning and to resolve and reduce your worries about the application requirements.

They are well versed in professional guidance and counseling techniques, and can walk you through your application process, accompany you, and identify what sets you apart from others.

Say No to Bad Habits

Bad habits, such as alcohol, excessive amounts of coffee and other substances may dramatically increase your stress levels when you are under pressure, especially when applying for an MBA.

Every thought and every action taken is important, as these repeated actions become habit. They are the cornerstone of our future social and business success. Therefore, creating the right habits and having the right mindset is crucial.

Discipline: You won’t go far without discipline. Discipline is one of the most important foundations of success. Forget about ‘later’ and value your actions.

Regular work: Do regular work, not once or twice ... but again and again and again. Repeating the right patterns of thoughts and actions will create powerful results. Order is essential and hard work is the way to succeed.

Moving in the right direction: No one else can lead you to the path of success except yourself. Sometimes you have to be your own guide and life coach in this journey. With order, you can create powerful custom patterns that will make you successful not only in your application but also in life.

Parting Words

Anxiety is normal during the MBA process.

In fact, if there is no anxiety, maybe you’re doing something wrong? It might show that you’re not fully invested in the outcome or you’re overconfident in your abilities. To be honest, working without anxiety neglects the pleasure and taste of achieving the goal.

So, in order to eliminate anxiety and avoid fear and stress, it is necessary to take clearly planned out steps with sufficient information towards achieving your goal.

Wish you best of luck in your application!

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