Meet Our 2019 Cohort of Fellows: Coco Li

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

Coco was born and raised in Yiyang, China and attended Wuhan Polytechnic University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in biology, She then pursued a Master of Science in genetics at Institute of Microbiology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She worked as a research scientist at University of Nevada, Reno for three years, where she decided to advance her career as a product manager in medical devices.

What made you consider business school?

I wanted to learn more business knowledge and make strategy plans.

What are you most excited about in terms of your time in business school?

I am so excited to join the community. Meeting new people and learn different skills.

Who are some leaders (in the LGBT community, in business, or in society) that most inspire you?

My Zumba coaches Dan and Jav, they are gay couples who always care about their students, they inspired me when I was down.

What's one thing everyone should know about you?

I am a hiking fanatic!

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