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Meet Our 2019 Cohort of Fellows: Fredric Morgan

The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business

Fredric Morgan is an MBA candidate at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Originally from Dayton, OH, he graduated from Ohio State in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Upon graduation, he began his career in General Mills' supply chain organization. He spent five years there in multiple of increasing responsibility in Missouri and Minnesota. His current role at Danone North America is within their procurement organization and it involves working and negotiating with many suppliers across the United States. Fredric was involved in two affinity groups at General Mills, The Black Champions Network & Betty's Family Network. Fredric has a passion to connect with people inside and outside of work from all backgrounds. He plans to use his interpersonal skills and ability to connect with a wide range of people to forge through into today's business world!

What made you consider business school?

For the past three years, I have tossed around the idea of business school, but the process and the financial implications scared me tremendously. I began to search for a new role and to apply to business schools during the fall of 2018. Not only was understanding the process to get into business school necessary, but also understanding how I was going to make it work financially was VERY important to me. I had support in understanding this fact. Knowing it was time for me to pivot from my current situation, I realized that business school would help me do this practically. I've always liked a challenge, so I knew that business school would provide me with that challenge that my current situation was no longer providing.

What are you most excited about in terms of your time in business school?

In terms of business school, I am most excited to meet new people that share the same goals that I do personally and professionally! This is the first time in my life that I am truly merging my personal and professional life in an authentic way, and that gets me extremely motivated to forge forward. Having the opportunity to be a part of an organization that celebrates a part of me that I haven't always been proud of is huge for me! This will allow me to bring my everything I have to offer to the table over the next two years. I also get to engage with a group of people that not only are making the choice and accepting the challenge to attend business school, but I also get to surround myself that identify as LGBTQ+ just like me.

Who are some leaders (in the LGBT community, in business, or in society) that most inspire you?

Andy Cohen is a leader in the LGTBQ community that I admire. I am a HUGE fan of the reality television phenomenon that is housewives. I have followed his journey – and to see a leader in an industry that I'd like to pursue is huge, but also gaining insight in his personal journey has allowed great introspection. Seeing him have his son earlier this year via surrogacy shed more light into the process and opened my eyes to dreams that I have kept hidden. As I continue down the path of earning my MBA, I am realizing that it's not just specifically about my professional journey, it's also about continuing to build my brand and who I am wanting to be personally.

What's one thing everyone should know about you?

I love to laugh! My laugh is a part of my brand. For a while, I was ashamed of my laugh, but I have accepted it's a part of me - and I love being around people that can bring it out of me, though it's not hard to do!