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Meet Our 2019 Cohort of Fellows: Mauro Bruni

Imperial College London, Imperial Business School

Born and raised in Westchester, NY. Amateur figure skating competitor for many years. Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from the Univ. of Southern California in Los Angeles. Professional figure skating performer, teacher, Choreographer, and director since 2007. Founded a new performing arts company in 2018: The House of Mauro is a platform for contemporary ice artists to collaborate with other like-minded artists, create, and perform in a supportive environment.

What made you consider business school?

I want to be a more well-rounded professional in the arts industry, and gain the tools necessary to grow my performance company.

What are you most excited about in terms of your time in business school?

I am excited to advance my career and meet new people from a variety of backgrounds.

Who are some leaders (in the LGBT community, in business, or in society) that most inspire you?

Michelle Obama, RuPaul, my peers: who live their lives in unabashed uniqueness.

What's one thing everyone should know about you? I love a good joke!