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Meet Our 2019 Cohort of Fellows: Sarah Stefanon

Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

I grew up living in a small, rural community in western New York where my parents owned and managed a restaurant and drive-in movie theatre. Growing up there certainly provided me with a strong work ethic and I learned to bring a level of care to the job that most people don't develop unless personally invested. I gained an appreciation for how hard it can be to run a small business. With the intention of further exploring the business world, I attended St. John Fisher College for my undergraduate degree in Business Management. Stepping into the professional world, I participated in a couple different industries (marketing agency and financial planning services) and took on multiple angles of business (business development, client service, executive assistance, project management, etc.). Each experience has provided me with increased curiosity to learn more. The curiosity led me to explore Babson College and anticipate the desire to start my own business someday. Moving to the Boston area with my dog, Rigby, will just be an added layer of excitement onto this new challenge.

What made you consider business school?

As an undergraduate, I wanted to see what angle of business I should pursue. After experiencing different roles and different industries in a professional environment, I realized that I still really enjoy general business! Attending graduate school will hopefully further round out my skill set and better inform direction for my career as I pursue a path in consulting.

What are you most excited about in terms of your time in business school?

I am most excited for this new challenge. Discovering unique concepts, learning beyond my depth, creating a network, and applying this newly obtained knowledge to make my mark on the world is exhilarating.

Who are some leaders (in the LGBT community, in business, or in society) that most inspire you?

Oddly enough, I don't necessarily have a list of inspiring leaders. I honestly just respect those that have the determination to speak their mind and advocate for others that they may not even directly relate to. I appreciate a leader who can provide perspective and see the bigger picture.

What's one thing everyone should know about you? I grew up in a small town that had three cows to every one person. You learn to support the farming community and I often like to do so by consuming a lot of ice cream.