ROMBA Conference Session Highlight: #EvolveTheDefinition with Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn

We're less than a month out from the 21st annual ROMBA Conference, which will bring together 1,600 LGBTQ MBA (and related graduate) students and alumni in Minneapolis from October 4-6th.

As we approach the conference we'll highlight some sessions that you may want to attend - and this one has a high profile figure presenting in it. #EvolveTheDefinition, which is presented by Walmart, is a focused around a project Bonobos started to build a conversation around the definition of masculinity. Masculinity is currently defined as having qualities traditionally associated with men, especially through strength and aggressiveness with synonyms like macho, powerful, and red-blooded. All of which paint a limiting picture of what a man can be. So we asked 172 individuals to help us evolve it to be more diverse, inclusive and accepting, and we’re encouraging others to do the same.

The 90 second micro-documentary launched nationally on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 during the ESPN Awards (ESPYS) on ABC. In addition, Bonobos took to its social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to generate a meaningful conversation with people across the nation.

The session will be presented by Bonobos cofounder and CEO Andy Dunn and will be a highlight of our 9:30AM breakout sessions on Friday, October 5th!

About Andy Dunn:

Andy Dunn is the cofounder and CEO of Bonobos, the menswear brand that launched

the digitally native brand revolution in 2007. In July 2017, Walmart acquired Bonobos,

where Andy remains CEO of Bonobos and is now SVP of Digital Consumer Brands. In

that capacity, Andy oversees Bonobos, ModCloth, Allswell, and the emerging portfolio

of incubated and acquired digitally native vertical brands. Andy is the founding board

chairman of Interior Define, Monica + Andy, and the public education social enterprise

Blue Engine. He sits on the board of RaisedBy.Us, an employee giving platform for

entrepreneurial companies. Andy is an angel investor in 82 companies, both individually

and through his seed-stage venture capital fund Red Swan Ventures.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a MBA from Stanford

Business School. A Chicago native and avid Cubs fan, Andy currently lives in

Greenwich Village in New York City with his wife Manuela.

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